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Quality Assurance






AA Travel Certificate 2010 

AA-Travel Highly Recommended                               

Category B&B/Guest House with Self-Catering                                                    





 Comprehensive BnB Insurance in place





Paediatric First Aid Certificate from Nosipo our Maid and Babysitter

Paediatric First Aid Certificate

NOSIPO is our Maid and Babysitter




CIPRO 2006/167951/ 23

Officially registered as a B&B, our CORE business





Quality SPA - Jacuzzi's provider of our 3 Jacuzzi's - SPA 

1x RHINO Luxury - Atlantic  Spa (Jacuzzi) 6-7 seater

2x Buddy Luxury - Acrylic Spa (Jacuzzi) 2 seater




Liquid Life

Liquid Life - Water Filter and Purifying System

We use the latest technologies and methods of water purification



Recycle think2wise                    Recycle

We care about the South African environment.....

YES.....we think twice, we recycle......

Chapman's Peak
Chapman's Peak
Chapman's Peak Chapman's Peak